Jonathan Worthley

As the Project and Operations Manager, Jonathan brings a diverse set of competencies to SCF, including finance, risk management, project management, mechanical engineering and energy.

After receiving his honors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Finance in Australia, Jonathan spent several years as part of, Australian Investment Bank, Macquarie’s risk management group, in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Jonathan primarily covered credit and share market trading, and in the process, developed extensive and diverse financial product knowledge, prepared detailed market analysis, and helped to ensure the integrity of Macquairie’s pricing, valuation and operational processes.

Wishing to return to his Engineering roots and satisfy his scientific curiosity, Jonathan joined off-shore engineering and surveying firm Fugro, in Singapore. Leading a Project Cost Control team, Jonathan worked across various project groups, including project management, engineering, business development and finance, to track project performance and implement improvements to business operations.

Jonathan’s journey through Asia ultimately brought him to the USA where he joined SCF and was able to apply his knowledge of engineering, finance and contracts.

A keen fan of, and participant in mostly Australian sports, Jonathan now also enjoys learning about American sports and asking innocuous questions such as “why have they stopped for a rest again?” and “why is it called the World Series, did we misplace our invite?”. Mostly though, he enjoys exploring this country and spending time with friends and family, including his wife and two young daughters.