Ken Kao

Ken’s diverse background comprised of his education and professional experience, makes him a valuable asset to SCF as a Project Analyst.  

Ken graduated from Stanford with a BA in Economics, and began his finance career in Hong Kong. At the startup Klicknation, a mobile gaming company that specialized in free-gaming on Facebook, he mastered ad optimization and acquired high value users consistently. The company was acquired by Bioware in December 2011.

Ken leveraged his mobile gaming experience and passion for Poker into a full-time position with Caesars Interactive Entertainment as the online poker room manager. During his tenure, Ken oversaw the gameplay for the World Series of Poker online platform in Las Vegas.

As Ken’s professional poker career blossomed, he began focusing on high stakes tournaments across the globe. During his travels, Ken realized he wanted to continue his professional advancement and came back to Silicon Valley to assess local opportunities and continue poker as a hobby.

At SCF, Ken uses his analytical and financial skillsets to assess and mitigate risk. He’s very passionate about creating a positive impact on the environment and participating in a rapidly growing sector with the team at SCF.

In addition to Ken’s world-class poker expertise, he was also an accomplished tennis player as a junior, exemplified by his #1 national ranking as a 16 year old. Some of Ken’s hobbies include Warriors basketball, music, fantasy sports and bludgeoning Shiraz on the tennis courts.