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15 Apr: EPC Interview: John McDonnell & SunRenu

SCF’s Dan Holloway recently had the pleasure of speaking with John McDonnell, Founder and Principal at SunRenu Solar, one of the premier solar EPCs in Arizona. We’d like to thank John for his time, and his fantastic insights on the…


04 Mar: Solar PPAs for Schools: The Process and Benefits

With electricity costs continuing to rise across the US, nonprofit organizations such as schools and universities are looking for new ways to lower their power bills. A solar power purchase agreement, or solar PPA, can be the perfect solution to allow nonprofit organizations such as schools, to enjoy the same tax benefits afforded to homeowners and businesses.

30 Jan: Community Solar Has Never Been More Accessible

As renewable energy has become more mainstream, many businesses, schools, municipalities, and churches are looking for ways to cut their electricity bills and support environmentally friendly energy sources. While large commercial and industrial entities may have ample roof or parking…


31 Dec: SCF’s 2018 Year End Review

2018 was a great year for both the solar power industry and Sustainable Capital Finance. SCF achieved a record number of projects priced with the SCF Suite, forged several exciting new partnerships (to be announced soon) and helped dozens of…

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17 Dec: The Future of Illinois Solar

The Future of Illinois Solar Solar friendly states such as California or Massachusetts have long taken the spotlight when it comes to support, initiatives and funding. When boasting well-funded and wide reaching programs such as SolarAPP and SMART it’s easy…