Dan Holloway


25 Jun: California Focus – The Rise of Resiliency

There has long been a general trend of business and governmental organizations looking for ways to improve the resiliency of their facilities. For businesses with unusually costly downtime, the idea of having backup onsite energy production is very appealing. Here…


28 May: California Spotlight – RES/BCT Program

In California, an interesting renewable energy program called RES – BCT was put in place over 10 years ago in 2009. This little known and even less understood program has recently seen an uptick in new applications. The acronym RES…

30 Jan: Using Trash to Help Balance the Grid

California has set very ambitious goals for converting its energy supply to renewables. In a bill that is currently being discussed in the State Legislature, SB-100, California would officially establish the goal of reaching 100% renewable energy consumption by 2045….

17 Oct: Takeaways from Solar Connect 2017

After attending the Infocast Solar Connect Conference in La Jolla, CA earlier this month, a number of topics were raised that I thought were worth reflecting on: Ongoing Suniva Trade Case Without a doubt, the most discussed topic at the…

31 Aug: The Nonprofit Solar Conundrum

The U.S. Nonprofit sector is filled with entities that occupy, and often, own commercial buildings, with ideal roof and parking space for solar power. With the U.S. Government phasing out cash grants, while extending tax credits for renewable energy projects,…

14 Aug: Taming Soft Costs

When evaluating PPA opportunities for Solar PV projects, soft costs often don’t get enough consideration. For most financiers, there’s a general budget for each category of soft costs and that number doesn’t get reevaluated despite the nuances of a project….

09 May: Storage and Bankability

Storage has long been hailed as the holy grail of the renewable energy market, as it allows for a greater integration of technologies like solar PV and wind into the electrical grid. So, a lot of people have asked why…