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30 Aug: What’s Next for Energy Storage

ESS, or Energy Storage Solutions, have been on the rise globally, making headlines due to rapidly falling battery prices. When we previously covered energy storage for solar, one of our final points was that cost and state/federal regulations would be…

30 Aug: Recent Advancements in Solar EV Charging

Power grids are becoming ever more dynamic and interconnected, with exciting new opportunities continuing to arise as solar and battery tech improve in their abilities to “talk” with one another. As electric vehicle fleets increase in number, charging infrastructure will…

ITC Step Down Timeline Info-Graphic
31 Jul: The History and Future of the Solar ITC

Despite ongoing efforts to extend the ITC, 2019 could be the final year of the full 30 percent tax credit, before it steps down in 2020. Based on existing legislation…

Solar PPA and Lease Status by State Info-Graphic
25 Jul: Solar PPAs: The State of the Market

Despite opposition from some utilities and state governments, solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), have continued to see a steady increase in adoption, as more states have adopted legislation allowing for easier access to solar financing…

community solar 1
27 Jun: 2019 Advancements in Community Solar

While the solar industry has experienced a record-setting first quarter in 2019, one sector of the industry is receiving more focus than ever before: community solar.

21 Jun: Which Nonprofit Types Benefit Most From a Solar PPA

As solar adoption continues to increase across the country, many federal and state tax codes are supportive of this growth in both the private and commercial sectors. While substantial tax credits help home and business owners to afford solar installations…