community solar 1
27 Jun: 2019 Advancements in Community Solar

While the solar industry has experienced a record-setting first quarter in 2019, one sector of the industry is receiving more focus than ever before: community solar.

21 Jun: Which Nonprofit Types Benefit Most From a Solar PPA

As solar adoption continues to increase across the country, many federal and state tax codes are supportive of this growth in both the private and commercial sectors. While substantial tax credits help home and business owners to afford solar installations…

microgrid 2
30 May: Microgrids and Solar: An Ideal Combination

The North American electric grid is truly an impressive piece of infrastructure, connecting homes, businesses and other facilities to central energy sources. It has been described as the biggest machine on Earth. When part of the grid is damaged, however…

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23 May: Utilization of Solar on Farmland

Agriculture plays an important role in the U.S. culture and economy, and could play an integral role in distributed energy generation. Solar energy offers farmers an opportunity to decrease pollution, lower energy costs and reduce electric grid infrastructure overhauls…

Opportunity Zones and Solar PPAs
30 Apr: How Opportunity Zones Could Affect the Solar PPA Market
On October 19, 2018, the U.S. Treasury Department proposed legislation that could have a massive impact on solar investment in the United States. The bill established a tax incentive program framework that targets areas of economic distress...
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15 Apr: EPC Interview: John McDonnell & SunRenu

SCF’s Dan Holloway recently had the pleasure of speaking with John McDonnell, Founder and Principal at SunRenu Solar, one of the premier solar EPCs in Arizona. We’d like to thank John for his time, and his fantastic insights on the…