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22 Aug: Weather Impact on C&I Construction Schedules

It’s Tuesday morning in Autumn, and your solar construction crew is on-site – looking into the the foundation holes they drilled the day before. The holes have filled with water due to some unexpected desert thunderstorms. Meanwhile, in the North-East, a…

24 Jul: 3 Things We Learned at Intersolar

With over 15,000 attendees year after year, Intersolar is one of North America’s largest solar exhibitions for its industry and partners. SCF had the opportunity to walk the floor this year and here’s what we learned: 1) Intersolar has grown with…

31 May: Talking SMART

Introduction: The state of Massachusetts has a long track record of promoting renewable energy & sustainable development; however, recent legislative changes have prepared the Commonwealth to become one of the largest hot-beds for renewable energy development in 2018 & beyond….