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22 Feb: Renewable Energy – Bridging the Political Divide

It’s no secret that U.S politics has become massively polarized over recent decades. In the midst of political divisiveness, there is one area of common ground that has found consistent bi-partisan support in recent years, and that is Renewable Energy….

30 Jan: Using Trash to Help Balance the Grid

California has set very ambitious goals for converting its energy supply to renewables. In a bill that is currently being discussed in the State Legislature, SB-100, California would officially establish the goal of reaching 100% renewable energy consumption by 2045….

18 Jan: January Industry News

Regulatory News New Jersey Senate Passes Bill 2276 to Raise Solar Energy Targets The New Jersey Senate passed a bill on January 8th, 2018 as a short term fix to avoid the collapse of the solar market once the current…

12 Dec: Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Worthley

What are 3 words to describe SCF? Solar financing specialists. What do you like most about SCF? I enjoy being part of a small, knowledgeable team, that get’s to work on very interesting solar projects, from schools and churches, to…