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PPA & takeout financing has never been more accessible

The commercial & non-profit sectors have been vastly underserved; very few financing options, with investors focused on residential & utility scale solar. SCF’s answer: PPA & takeout solutions for 100kw+ commercial & non-profit projects, with both rated & unrated energy consumers.


Real-time indicative pricing and expedited transactions are provided via SCF’s cloud-based platform, the SCF Suite. SCF’s commitment to serve C&I has created viability for investment capital & reliability for origination partners.

Solar PPAs
SCF’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows energy consumers to avoid the expensive capital costs of solar panels, inverters, permits and construction.
Solar for C&I
In addition to project acquisition & ownership, SCF develops commercial projects from assessment through construction, along side its EPC partners. SCF works with businesses of all sizes, and industries, across the country.
Solar for Municipalities
Solar can greatly benefit municipalities & government, providing an affordable solution to rising monthly electricity costs. SCF offers financing by means of a Power Purchase Agreement, resulting in $0 out-of-pocket capital expenditures for municipal clients.
Solar for Tribes
Native American Tribes can benefit immensely from solar, due to the reliability of solar energy production, even in remote areas, and the extreme energy cost savings created.
Solar for Non-Profits
Solar allows non-profits to not only reduce their utility power bill, but also provides predictable, reliable, contracted power for 15 or more years.
Solar for Religious Institutions
Churches, Temples, Mosque’s and other houses of worship are more frequently adopting solar power, and reaping the benefits.
Solar for Schools
By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a school or university is able to reduce its energy spend, and progress its environmental goals.
Community Solar Financing
Community solar projects, or shared solar energy plants, are solar developments whose electricity is shared by multiple commercial, municipal, school, or non-profit entities.
States with Projects
EPC & Developer Partners
Customers and Counting
Million pounds of expected CO2 offset
The SCF Suite makes pricing quick and easy

With just 8 project variables, receive indicative pricing in real-time.

  • Solve for PPA Rate
  • Solve for Build Cost
  • Solve for Lease Rates
  • Try several iterations
  • Identify economic viability instantly

As project parameters are input, documents & agreements can be auto populated, allowing for immediate download & use.

  • Sales docs
  • Term Sheets
  • PPAs
  • EPCAs
  • Diligence Checklist

A project checklist and existing file name architecture allow for an easy to use data room and an easy to manage project.

PPA & Takeout Financing – Made Fast & Easy

SCF’s Project Locations

SCF's Project Locations

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Rated & Unrated Credit
For-profit & Non-profit
Real-time Pricing
Expedited Transactions
Creative Solutions

SCF’s approach to solar finance was simple: Determine a vastly underserved sector of the market, identify challenges to bankability, and dedicate ourselves to creating a solution. The sector was C&I, and the challenges were credit, transaction costs & lack of industry deal flow.

Through the SCF Suite, and a network of 200+ EPCs/Developers, SCF was able to solve these challenges and attract institutional capital to the C&I sector, thus allowing for a PPA & takeout solution.

Sustainability can now be financed, affordably, regardless of organization type & rating status, efficiently & reliably… Just how it should be.

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Origination & Acquisitions
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