SCF Suite℠

The SCF Suite℠ is a business-to-business tool used by its members who are solar project developers and installers in order to evaluate commercial-scale solar PV generation projects and project portfolios located in the USA. The Suite serves as an efficient, centralized dashboard for integrators to evaluate project economics, and for SCF to identify, diligence, evaluate, structure, transact, monitor and manage solar projects. Automation in the Suite is designed to simplify transaction workflows in the industry, and allow its members to support and expand their businesses without a dependence on older, inefficient or less automated methods, platforms or tools. To apply for membership in the Suite, please begin the integrator registration process here.

SCF Suite℠ Advantages

  • Evaluate and submit commercial-scale projects
  • Real time project analysis for Integrators
  • Auto Report & Proposal Generation
  • Automation to simplify financial workflows
  • No fees for membership to the Suite