Solar for Schools & Universities

Schools and Universities are able to recognize great benefit from the adoption of solar power. By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a school or university is able to reduce its energy spend, and progress its environmental goals. PPAs often carry 15+ year terms, thereby locking in the cost of power for the long term.

Converting a large parking lot into covered solar structures, or utilizing large sunny roof spaces can generate a majority of power needs, while adopting a commitment to sustainability for the students, faculty & administration to take pride in.

SCF specializes in working with schools in order to navigate the document approval & project development process. An efficient, reliable, cost-effective solar project is the result.

SCF utilizes the Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) Commercial PPA for all of its projects, which is an industry standard PPA. This reduces project transaction costs, permitting SCF to offer better terms to energy consumers.

Contact SCF today to discuss potential PPA terms for your solar project.

Benefits of solar for schools & universities:

  • Reliability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost Savings
  • Sustainability Commitments
  • Community Involvement

Project Highlight:Solar for Schools & Universities

St. James Academy:  St. James Academy of Solana Beach now boasts a new 116 kW system covering their rooftops and trellis. With savings of over 20% on day 1, the school will now reduce their energy costs, utility bill to SDG&E, and help the environment.