Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Solar PPA)

SCF’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows energy consumers to avoid the expensive capital costs of solar panels, inverters, permits and construction. With a PPA, an energy consumer pays for the electricity generated by the solar array, through a service agreement, for a fixed period of time. Power Purchase Agreements are not a financing mechanism, like traditional loans or leases from lenders. After the initial term has expired, the energy consumer can purchase the system for Fair Market Value, or enter into a new Power Purchase Agreement.

PPAs carry a fixed term; some as few as 15 years, up to 25 years.

SCF utilizes the Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) Commercial Power Purchase Agreement for all of its projects, which is an industry standard PPA. This reduces project transaction costs, which permits SCF to offer better service agreement terms to energy consumers.

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PPA Advantages

  • No upfront capital costs associated with integrating a solar system and the avoidance of financing
  • No maintenance required; since the system is NOT owned by the energy consumer, routine maintenance and monitoring will be provided and repairs if needed.
  • Affordable energy; with utility rates increasing annually, entering into a PPA will create cost savings over the expected life of the solar system.

Commercial Solar PPA's