Commercial Solar

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19 Sep: Are you ready to take advantage of SOMAH?

About the SOMAH program: While the MASH (Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing) program is currently closed to new applicants, there is a new solar PV state incentive in town: Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH); a program designed to help tenants…

31 May: Talking SMART

Introduction: The state of Massachusetts has a long track record of promoting renewable energy & sustainable development; however, recent legislative changes have prepared the Commonwealth to become one of the largest hot-beds for renewable energy development in 2018 & beyond….

12 Dec: Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Worthley

What are 3 words to describe SCF? Solar financing specialists. What do you like most about SCF? I enjoy being part of a small, knowledgeable team, that get’s to work on very interesting solar projects, from schools and churches, to…

19 Oct: October Industry News

Regulatory News DOE Baseload Power Plant Cost-Recovery Proposal to FERC Earlier this month, the DoE proposed cost-recovery provisions for baseload power plants helping keep nuclear and coal power plants online as they struggle with high operating costs while simultaneously competing…